Sprouted Wheat Products: A Great Alternative for Carb-loving Diabetics

Diabetics have to keep meals balanced, but juggling carbohydrates can be difficult. Most breads – even those labeled ‘whole wheat’ – can cause blood sugar spikes and lead to hunger pangs. Still, some people are just not willing to give up the morning toast or lunchtime sandwich. You might want to consider opting for sprouted wheat products instead.

Most grains are milled before they sprout. As it turns out, grains that have already sprouted produce a healthier wheat product with more nutrients. Sprouted wheat breads contain so many essential amino acids that, unlike most bread products, they form a complete protein.

The glycemic index for most sprouted wheat bread products is low, but you have to read labels to ensure that a company hasn't added fat and sugars to enhance flavor. They're very hearty, and one slice (an open sandwich, for example) will usually suffice at a meal. They're high in dietary fiber and break down to convert to blood glucose very slowly. This means they keep you from getting hungry between meals and keep your blood sugar steady.

Most bread products can be found in sprouted wheat form, from regular loaves to bagels, waffles and tortillas. They’re usually more expensive than regular bread products, but since it takes so little to really satisfy you and they’re less addictive than white bread products, you won’t gobble them up nearly as quickly— one loaf will last.

You may need to keep them in the fridge—all natural sprouted wheat products don’t contain preservatives.

For bread lovers who struggle with carbohydrates, sprouted grain products can be the happy medium you've been looking for.

Photo: Wikipedia