Let Kids with Diabetes Have a Happy Halloween

When your child is diabetic, all those Halloween treats can feel like a dirty trick. But your child can enjoy Halloween like every other kid, if you plan ahead.

Let Your Child Participate

Don't try to protect your child from all that candy by banning fun altogether. Hay rides, jack-o-lantern carving, ghost stories and costumes are still plenty of fun, without the sugar.

Plan Ahead

Ask party hosts what kind of foods will be available. Talk to your child about his limits-- a cup full of popcorn, or one slice of pizza. You can also send a dish of diabetic-friendly treats to share so that he can enjoy some as well.

Trick or Treating

Most of the fun is going door to door with friends to show off your costume. Don’t send him on an empty stomach. When he brings home the candy, set it aside to donate it to a food bank. Instead, present him with his own special goodie bag, full of little Halloween trinkets, coloring pages, toys and diabetic candy treats.

Make Halloween special, without the junk, and your child will create a lot of happy Halloween memories.

Photo: Investing Caffeine